Recap Chinese Drama "Meet Yourself (2023)" Episode 23 with Crystal Liu and Li Xian

Jan 16, 2023

In the morning, Xie Zhiyao asked Hongdou to come home for breakfast. Grandma saw that her grandson was in good spirits early in the morning, so she knew that it must be Hongdou. She joked with her grandson as if she reminded her not to hold what she shouldn’t have last night Fantasizing, but the next day he took the initiative to find a beautiful woman for breakfast, Xie Zhiyao immediately signaled Grandma to stop talking, his face turned red as he spoke.

Because she drank some herbal tea in the morning, Hong Dou had a stomachache. She came to the restaurant to help, and the waiter Lin Na immediately asked her to sit down and rest. The two chatted softly. The girl on the first blind date had a big curly hair and looked pretty, especially like Wang Zuxian, but Xie Zhiyao still did not agree to date.

Linna asked Hongdou what his ex-boyfriend looked like. Hongdou only remembered that he was tall and handsome. Because of getting together less and more, he soon became indifferent, and then parted ways. Hongdou suddenly saw the guest at the next table who looked like her sister, and heard Someone called her "little aunt" in a milky voice, and Hong Dou exclaimed that it was really her sister who came!

The elder sister also came with her daughter, Bell. This is a very clever and cute girl. Xie Zhiyao heard that Hongdou's sister was coming, and immediately brought them special products from his hometown. Lingdang saw Hongdou and said to Xie Zhiyao I thought the two of them were very interesting. In the next few days, Xie Zhiyao drove Hongdou and her sister out to play. The bell grew in the city and didn’t know the crops and flowers at all. Xie Zhiyao decided to take the bell to the organic farm. Play on the farm.

In Dali, Hongdou and Bell got to know rosemary, wild strawberries, cherry pickers and cherry tomatoes. Bell was very happy along the way, but Xu Hongmi was busy answering various calls while opening his laptop to reply to the company's emails. Xie Zhiyao saw that her sister and Hongdou were completely two types of girls, and Hongdou nodded affirmatively. Indeed, in the eyes of everyone, her sister has been a leader among her kind since she was a child, a model of successful people, while she is naughty, stubborn, and playful. Doesn't like being controlled at all.

Xie Zhiyao said frankly that many people like those who have a good personality, beautiful appearance, and like to be motivated and don't like to cause trouble. Hongdou feels that he is the opposite type of person, but Xie Zhiyao said with a smile that Hongdou has always been the number one in his heart This type of person, the two of them were so embarrassing for Hongdou.

Hongdou's parents knew the news of Hongdou's resignation. The old couple were making dumplings at home. They couldn't help but wonder if the two sisters would quarrel again when they were together this time. .

The owner of Shaohua Bookstore temporarily decided to visit Yunmiao. Huang Xinxin received a call and immediately consulted with Xie Zhiyao about countermeasures. Xie Zhiyao heard that Mr. Liu from Shaohua Bookstore just happened to pass by when he was traveling in Dali, and it was purely a private trip, so he told them not to be too deliberate. Whatever Mr. Liu wants to see here, just take it with you and keep it original.

Hongdou was called by Xie Zhiyao to be a volunteer again. They went to pick up the car in person. Mr. Liu, his wife and children all came. They wandered around Yunmiao and saw many unique crafts and buildings. They felt very delicate and quiet. The atmosphere is also very suitable for opening a bookstore. At noon, Xie Zhiyao took Mr. Liu to eat special dishes. Compared with the organic vegetables advertised in the city, what they picked here were all fresh wild vegetables, which were tender and delicious. During the period, a man named Zhang Mingyu often chatted with Hongdou, asking why Hongdou came here to volunteer and why he chose to travel here.

Xie Zhiyao was very puzzled, Mr. Liu had been seldom talking, but this assistant Zhang Mingyu had a lot of questions. He asked about the conversation between Xie Zhiyao and Zhang Mingyu just now, and after searching on the Internet, he finally confirmed that Zhang Mingyu was the person in charge of Shaohua Bookstore.