Lee Jung Shin Shares Insights Into Villain Role In "The Escape Of The Seven: Resurrection" And CNBLUE's Longevity

May 20, 2024

Lee Jung Shin teamed up with Singles Korea for their June issue!

The pictorial, titled “Lee Jung Shin’s COLOR of MOMENT,” showcases him in a stylish demeanor, sporting various outfits.

In the interview that followed the photo shoot, he shared, “It’s been a while since I’ve done a pictorial. After finishing filming for the drama [The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection] and being occupied with CNBLUE’s Asia tour, I thought about cutting my hair but ultimately decided against it for the shoot.”

In “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection,” he revealed a fresh transformation. He mentioned, “Aside from a short villainous role in OCN’s ‘Voice 2,’ I’ve mostly portrayed gentle characters. When I joined the drama, I wasn’t certain about my role initially. However, upon receiving the script, I learned I’d be playing a ‘cool role.’ As filming went on, I discovered my character was a bit stronger than expected. My goal was to craft a character that viewers would find believable.”

When asked about the challenges of joining the sequel drama, he said, “While others had been working together for over a year, joining midway was initially challenging. However, I was able to learn and adapt by acting alongside many seniors, including Lee Joon and Yoon Jong Hoon, who appeared with me in tvN’s ‘Sh**ting Stars.’ In particular, I felt comfortable with senior Uhm Ki Joon as we played friends, so I even used informal speech and felt sorry for slapping him during acting. In reality, it was so much fun and enjoyable acting alongside him.”

Lee Jung Shin Shares Insights Into Villain Role In

Talking about his character as a multifaceted villain, he remarked, “The character Chan Sung had a psychopathic vibe, and because the character wasn’t well-explained, I struggled with how to portray him. Seeing Chan Sung character in the script, I felt I needed to adapt quickly, so I approached the role more boldly. I did my best to ensure viewers could understand. I concentrated on appearing sinister, paying attention to changes in expression and gaze. While there are some regrets, I hope many people recognize the villainous role.”

He also talked about preparing for his role, saying, “I thought a lot about which direction to take. Uhm Ki Joon played a villain, Matthew Lee, but I felt I needed to portray a different kind of antagonist. Instead of looking to other works or characters for inspiration, I wanted to find the solution within myself. Somehow, I felt I might regret it if I followed someone else’s path. For this project, I approached filming with the belief that ‘I’m doing the right thing’ rather than relying on someone else.”

Reflecting on portraying Hwang Chan Sung, he remarked, “It was quite challenging. I wished I could have committed more villainous deeds. It felt liberating to scream. I practiced a lot and was able to tap into many suppressed emotions. I also felt remorseful while acting out those misdeeds. Fortunately, Lee Yu Bi and Kim Hyun received my performance well. I approached those villainous scenes with prayers.”

Describing the drama as a challenging endeavor, he remarked, “We filmed outdoors in harsh cold, with temperatures dropping to -23 degrees Celsius (approximately -9 degrees Fahrenheit). Besides the physical demands, there was mental strain and excitement about taking on an unfamiliar role. Watching the broadcast, there were both moments of regret and satisfaction. There’s room for improvement in the future. Nevertheless, it was a valuable experience. Acting in [screenwriter] Kim Soon Ok’s production was fulfilling, and I was content working with exceptional seniors and colleagues. Like every project, this was also a challenge.”

Lee Jung Shin Shares Insights Into Villain Role In

Reflecting on reaching CNBLUE’s 14th anniversary milestone this year, he expressed, “Having completed my military service and gained diverse experiences, I feel confident in handling various situations. I’m deeply thankful to our fans. Embarking on an Asia tour after six years was a bit nerve-racking. However, seeing many fans attending made it a rewarding journey. I’m grateful to those who have supported CNBLUE for over 14 years and for the energy they’ve brought us. I also extend my gratitude to my fellow members and the company staff. Nowadays, I understand that nothing should be taken for granted. After 14 years of work, I always strive to do my best, so it’s disheartening when things don’t go as planned. I want to work like a veteran, but not being able to sometimes stresses me out. I need to learn to let go of those worries. Perhaps I’ll manage to do so as I continue to stay active.”

When discussing the key to their enduring success and global fan support, he said, “We, as a group, constantly feel like we’re learning and growing. In the entertainment industry, it’s not enough to simply want to work; you have to be selected. So, every day, I ponder the best attitude to adopt and how to navigate this environment. I also study interviews with senior figures to understand the secrets to longevity. While it’s not easy to find a single answer, I’ve always been curious about it. If a younger artist were to ask, I hope I could offer some helpful advice.”

Lee Jung Shin Shares Insights Into Villain Role In

The full pictorial and interview will be available in the magazine’s June issue!



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