Knight Flower (2024) K Drama Episode 8

Feb 4, 2024

Episode 8 of Knight Flower begins with Yeon-sun coming up with a story for the fan. She was about to be robbed but Yoon-hak saved her and left his fan. She couldn’t return it so hid it in the shrine. Lady Yoo is suspicious and decides to thank him in person.

Yoon-hak and the King find out that Lady Oh gave the old king tea before he died which means she poisoned it. Meanwhile, Yo-sub wants to know about Yeo-hwa but no one tells him. Jang asks Su-ho for a favour for the information she has dug up – Pil-jik is Lady Oh’s half-brother. Pil and Yeom rose to power at the same time. As for her favour, she asks him not to meet Yeo-hwa or put her in danger anymore. 

Lady Yoo brings Yeon-sun and accosts Yoon-hak. He is confused but goes with the flow and corroborates Yeon-sun’s story. He adds that he would help Yeon-sun anytime and she is flustered.

Elsewhere, Man-sik and Pil find out that Su-ho is Im Kang’s son and are worried as they killed his family. Lady Yoo tells Madam Bong-mal to replace Yeon-sun and accompany Yeo-hwa to her outings. Back to our second leads, Yeon-sun tries to run away but Yoon-hak wants an explanation. He thinks she has a crush on Su-ho since he had gifted the fan to him. Once she denies it firmly, he realises that she is helping the same person Su-ho is obsessing over.

Lady Oh meets with Yeo-hwa and suggests that her brother was involved in something serious and Seok knows about it. Yeo-hwa gets curious while Lady Oh feels victorious for creating a nuisance for Seok. Yoon-hak tells Su-ho that whoever wants to get rid of Lady Oh is the one behind the old king and Kang’s murder.

With Su-ho constantly disappearing, Bi-chan tells the others that he has a lover. Hwang starts thinking of Su-ho as his son-in-law.

Bong-mal and Yeo-hwa, Yoo and Jae-yi separately run into Yo-sub. He runs but Bong-mal and Yoo see him and are shocked. In the chaos, Yeo-hwa sneaks off to Myungdo. Her hair gets stuck in Yo-sub’s hat and they fall. He is mesmerised and compliments her in English and she thinks he is odd. Ggotnim reveals Yeo-hwa’s identity and he is shocked that she is his wife.

Yeo-hwa spots Su-ho and they rendezvous in an ally. He tries to smoothen her hair and they are both flustered. Back to the mystery, she baits him by saying she has learned something from Lady Oh but will only tell him if he doesn’t shut her out which has him conflicted.

It is revealed that Yo-sub whose real name is Seok Jeong wanted to marry a foreigner but his family refused. He was declared dead in the woods while on a trip to Qing. Lady Yoo asks Seok if there is a chance their son is alive but the patriarch profusely refuses. In reality, Seok disowned his son and declared that he would kill Jeong if he ever returned.

Jeong looks morosely at his house but is too scared to approach his mother. Seok also tells Yeo-hwa not to meet with Lady Oh anymore. At that moment, Yeo-hwa wonders about Soong-ho and he insists that nothing out of the ordinary happened to her brother.

A flashback shows Seok and Pil surrounding an injured Soong-ho and taking the jade tablet and the old king’s last order. It seems that someone stabs him after Seok leaves. At present, a disguised Yeo-hwa follows Seok who meets with Lady Oh. He doesn’t see her or Yeo-hwa as a threat and tells her to toe the line.

Elsewhere, Pil and his men attack Suho. He gets dizzy on seeing the butcher blade that killed his father. Yeo-hwa arrives right in time and stops Pil from killing him. She takes an injured Su-ho to a barn and nurses his wound. He tells her about his family’s death and promises that he will never use her secret as leverage as he has his own. Back at the barracks, Hwang dotes on Su-ho and thinks he is love-sick for Yi-kyung.

Yoon-hak finally calls on Yeo-hwa at a secret place. Hwal-yoo dresses as a decoy and she threatens Yoon-hak with her sword as she doesn’t trust him. Su-ho shows up and draws his blade at her.

The Knight Flower Episode 8 Epilogue shows Su-ho while he is asleep in the barn. He asks for his father while Yeo-hwa bandages his wound. While waiting, she falls asleep. He wakes up and gives his shoulder for her to sleep on.

The Episode Review

The K-drama keeps upping the stakes and keeps viewers engaged. Finally, we have a villain who actually does what he threatens. Pil-jik straight-up tried to kill Su-ho in the middle of the streets like that man does not care about anyone but Seok. And maybe his sister? It is also pretty strange that they don’t show us what he did to Soong-ho. It seems that clue is a dead-end unless he is so bad at killing people that even Soong-ho is alive…

Knight Flower Episode 8 also hints at a love triangle between Su-ho, Yeo-hwa and Jeong. Things are going to get messy when he realises Su-ho’s “lover” is his wife. But why did Yo-sub aka Jeong come back if he was going to the West to marry a foreigner? However, he does add to the comic tone that the K-drama has set and it will be hilarious to see how he comes to terms with his reality.