Flex X Cop 2024 K Drama Episode 4

Feb 4, 2024

Jin I-soo, born into a third-generation conglomerate, enjoys a life of abundance, devoid of the need for assistance from others. His world takes an unexpected turn when he becomes embroiled in a complex case. Driven by the desire for a new challenge, Jin I-soo makes a surprising decision.
Opting to immerse himself in the gritty world of crime-solving, Jin I-soo joins the Kangha Police Station’s violent investigative team, specialists in apprehending robbers. His motivation is to leverage his wealth and personal connections to make a difference in the field. In this venture, he partners with Detective Lee Gang-hyun, a dedicated and adept investigator known for his smooth-talking skills.

Despite I-soo’s affluent background, Gang-hyun remains indifferent to his presence, setting the stage for a compelling partnership rooted in the pursuit of solving crimes and bringing perpetrators to justice. As they delve into the intricacies of their work, the narrative promises a blend of wealth, intrigue, and the challenges inherent in the world of criminal investigation.
Gang-hyun arrives at the crime scene and asks Kyung-jin to leave all the visitors after collecting their phone numbers. I-soo wonders why would she do that as it is a locked room case, she says that Noh has been dead for almost 10 hours, making him feel dumb. The two then interrogate Noh’s junior assistant Kwon Do-jun and learn his whereabouts on the night of the murder. I-soo says that he is sure of Do-jun’s guilt but when the gallery’s director arrives, he has a change of heart.
He notices that the gallery director isn’t much worried about Noh’s death but feels that the event has raised the fame of her gallery. Moreover they learn from her that previously a mysterious woman came in and splashed red paint over Noh’s two painting. After this encounter, Gang-hyun and I-soo visit Mr. Noh’s wife to let her know about her hsuband’s death. However she reacts carelessly and says that she was out with her boyfriend the previous night and had no intention to kill her husband since she has no care about him.
With four suspects on the line, they decide to work on the case quickly before the killer could elope. The autopsy report states that the killer stabbed Noh twice from the back and killed him with a single stab in the front. The doctor mentions that the killer hesitated the first two stabs. After collecting the autopsy reports, Jun-young starts to follow Jin-kyu the boyfriend of Noh’s wife. He learns that Jin-kyu has another younger girlfriend and that they’re going to start a business together.

The cops jot down that Jin-kyu has asked Noh’s wife for 2 billion which is equivalent Noh’s insurance value. Meanwhile, Gang-hyun and I-soo learn about the mysterious woman and visit her at the sauna she works. They learn from her that Noh stole her daughter’s work and that’s why she decided to destroy it. The daughter died after Noh sued her for plagiarism despite the fact the real artist is the young girl. She says that on the night of the murder she was working at the sauna and didn’t kill Noh.

I-soo buys the artwork with the red paint on it and takes it to his home that he recently moved to. His childhood home is opposite to Gang-hyun’s home. We also learn during a conversation between the two that I-soo used to live in the house with his mother and after her death caused by a car accident, he learned that he is one of the Hansu Group’s heirs.
While setting up the artwork at his home, I-soo finds a piece from it that’s fallen down. After checking the painting, he understands that beneath the fixed piece, Do-jun’s sign was there. Simultaneously, Gang-hyun learns that Dojun had plans to go abroad to study but it was cancelled due to plagiarism. Likewise, Kyungjin finds out that the scarf of a woman which they saw on the CCTV camera was purchased by Dojun. When I-soo goes to Dojun’s place and subtly reveals about what he found, he attacks I-soo from the back and he collapses to the ground.
Flex X Cop Episode 4 Review
Seems like Dojun is the culprit like I-soo said right in the beginning. The more they dig, they learn how Noh has spoiled the lives of multiple people and ended up dying awfully. He has spoiled his students’ lives, he didn’t bother much about his wife and such. However, we’re yet to know how evil the wife is so let’s hold right there. The episode introduced the viewers to I-soo’s past and his search for a painting.
Apparently, there is something he has with water and that’s why everytime he sees a painting of water or anything related to drowning and such, he gets panic attacks. Moreover his father wonders whether I-soo will recollect his memory and we wonder what memory it is. All the answers will be unfolding soon along with hot cases!