“Best Choice Ever” C-Drama Starring Yang Zi and Xu Kai Announces April 9 Premiere

Apr 1, 2024

The upcoming urban drama which sees our two protagonists play hoteliers, is already slated for an April 9 release.

Best Choice Ever

Yang Zi plays Mai Chenghuan, a woman who comes from a typical Shanghai family. At the urging of her mum, she proposes to her boyfriend only to break up eventually due to her mum’s constant meddling. Constantly struggling between filial loyalty to her parents and making decisions for herself, Mai Chenghuan throws herself at work. Her transformation impresses her step-grandmother who entrusts her with critical responsibilities in the hotel. Meanwhile, she also gets close to step-grandmama’s grandson Yao Zhiming portrayed by Xu Kai.

The teaser released by the series shows several cute moments between Yang Zi and Xu Kai from her drunken karaoke episode ranting about her breakup, flooding the house or her dragging his drunken self home in a trolley. We also catch a glimpse at Mai Chenghuan’s parents and her very involved mum to sweet moments with grandma Mai. But aside from romance, the story also tackles the complex multi-generation female relationships in the modern era.

Wu Yanshu star in The best choice ever

Wu Yanshu

Casting wise, three generations of actresses will be sharing the screen, starting with industry veteran Wu Yanshu who’s practically a national treasure herself with her class-A actor distinction, playing grandma Mai. Meanwhile, famed opera and drama actress He Saifei also stars as Yang Zhi’s mum Liu Wanyu. Then there’s Yang Zi herself who’s regarded as one of the four dan actresses in the post 90s generation. The series also features special guest Niu JunfengXu Lingyue and Zhang Yao as well as  Yao Anlian and Xu Kai.