Watch: Jun So Min, Yum Jung Ah, And Kim Jae Hwa Devise A Bold Money-Making Scheme In New “Cleaning Up” Teaser

May 13, 2022

Jun So Min, Yum Jung Ah, and Kim Jae Hwa will be carrying out a bizarre mission in “Cleaning Up”!

JTBC’s upcoming Saturday-Sunday drama “Cleaning Up” is a remake of the British television series of the same name. The drama will tell the story of three cleaners at Bested securities firm that attempt to forge a new destiny for themselves after accidentally overhearing some key information about insider trading.

Yum Jung Ah plays Eo Yong Mi, the hardworking mother of two young daughters who bears a huge sense of responsibility as her family’s breadwinner. Jun So Min stars as Ahn In Kyung, who is saving up to open her own moving café with a food truck, while Kim Jae Hwa plays Meng Soo Ja, a resourceful and deceptively charming cleaner who can befriend anyone who might be of use to her.

While Bested securities firm is a place filled with secrets, Eo Yong Mi, Ahn In Kyung, and Meng Soo Ja have the right to roam freely and no one pays any attention to these three ladies. Not for a second does anyone stop to wonder whether the cleaners are eavesdropping on their important, top-secret conversations.

However, this fearless trio chooses not to stick to the expected. Instead, they devise a bold plan to make money through stocks by using the insider information.

The teaser starts with the three cleaning ladies sneakily going around the firm. The caption reads, “War of money where money gives birth to money, and money eats money.” Yum Jung Ah tells her co-workers, “The employees mindlessly talk about the firm’s important information in front of us.”

Later, a man announces, “Soon, our acquisition announcement will be made.” Nearby, Meng Soo Ja calls out, “Hey, I can hear everything.”

Once the ladies realize how much information they can have access to, Eo Yong Mi proposes, “Using insider information, we can make money with stocks.” They officially dive into their plan, vigilantly monitoring their surroundings and even bugging the firm.

Watch the full teaser here!

The production team shared, “Yong Mi, In Kyung, and Soo Ja, the unnies who will turn Bested upside down, will seek you out on June 4. In the third teaser we released today, we used impact to capture the unnies‘ fearless activity. Yum Jung Ah, Jun So Min, and Kim Jae Hwa will make exceptional acting transformations. We will unfold a banquet of trustworthy acting that viewers will refreshingly be able to enjoy. Please look forward and give lots of attention to the first episode to see how these three will shake up both the stock market and your screens as they dive into the dangerous and thrilling war of money.”

JTBC’s “Cleaning Up” premieres on June 4 following the end of “My Liberation Notes.”


Source: Soompi