Watch: Jo Yeo Jeong, Dex, Park Ha Sun, And More Are Terrified By Twisted Fates In "Tarot" Teaser

Jul 8, 2024

STUDIO X+U’s upcoming thriller drama “Tarot” has unveiled a teaser highlighting seven eerie stories!

“Tarot” unfolds as a series of seven omnibus horror episodes delving into mysterious events that could be part of anyone’s everyday life, all centered around the theme of tarot cards. The plot kicks off as the main characters each receive different tarot cards, and in that moment, find their destinies cursed by the twisted tarot cards.

In the new teaser, the episode “Santa’s Visit” portrays working mom Ji Woo (Jo Yeo Jeong), gripped with fear upon hearing that Santa Claus visited her home while talking to her daughter Mina, who was alone on Christmas. Next, in “Couple Manager,” Min Chan (Kim Sung Tae) feels anxious as his girlfriend Eun Mi (Ham Eun Jung) hesitates about marriage. He receives an offer from a mysterious couple manager promising to match him with a girlfriend on the same social status.

Meanwhile, veteran rider Dong In (Dex), hearing rumors of a missing deliveryman, ventures to a remote location for a delivery and encounters a suspicious customer in “Please Throw It Away.” “Rent Mom” follows the story of Young Ji’s mom (Park Ha Sun), who is overlooked by parents in a luxury apartment complex due to her rental unit.

Additionally, in “Going Home,” Kyung Rae (Go Kyu Pil) becomes extremely anxious after hastily taking a late-night taxi and overhearing the driver’s unsettling phone call on a secluded mountain road. In “Phishing,” BJ Ssunja (Oh Yu Jin), known for her daring broadcasts, plans a show where she tricks and troubles men but ends up falling into someone’s trap, gripped by fear. Finally, in “Single Locker,” Jae Yoon (Seo Ji Hoon), who is attractive but hindered by an insecurity that prevents serious relationships, maintains a mysterious bond with Ji Oh (Lee Joo Bin), an unknown woman, through an unmanned storage locker.

Check out the full highlight teaser below!

“Tarot” is set to premiere on July 15, with episodes airing every Monday and Tuesday thereafter. Stay tuned!



source: Soompi