Watch: Jeon Do Yeon, Ji Chang Wook, And Lim Ji Yeon's Upcoming Film "Revolver" Releases Behind-the-Scenes Footage And Interviews

Jul 9, 2024

Upcoming film “Revolver” has shared a behind-the-scenes video!

“Revolver” is a new film about a former police officer named Ha Soo Young (Jeon Do Yeon) who goes to prison after taking the fall for a crime. Upon her release, she sets out on a quest for truth and dedicates herself to a singular goal in life. Ji Chang Wook will play “Mad Dog” Andy, who promised Ha Soo Young money upon her release, while Lim Ji Yeon will play Jung Yoon Sun, a woman who teams up with Ha Soo Young for the sake of her own goals.

The video showcases the dedication and hard work of both the director and the actors, capturing the actors’ intense efforts to embody their distinctive characters with the supportive guidance of director Oh Seung Wook on set. In the video, director Oh Seung Wook expresses his pride in the lead actors, stating, “I worked with amazing actors this time.”

The new video also features interviews with the starring cast. Talking about her character Soo Young, actress Jeon Do Yeon comments, “Soo Young is a character with ambitions and dreams. Though she sometimes does unjust things to fulfill her dreams, she believes in getting her due and knows how to carve out her own life.”

Explaining why he chose to star in the drama, Ji Chang Wook revealed, “Andy is a very interesting character, and I felt I could make him even more interesting.” Meanwhile, Lim Ji Yeon remarks, “I found Yoon Sun, who pops up like a vitamin in this quiet film, to be very charming.”

The intriguing relationship between Soo Young and Yoon Sun, likened to Batman and Robin by the director, is also highlighted as one of the elements viewers should look forward to in the film.

“Revolver” is set to hit theaters on August 7. In the meantime, watch the new behind-the-scenes video below!



source: Soompi