Papa, What is Love%

Papa, What is Love

Rich, a middle-aged man, has been living alone since the death of his wife. However, his son, Greg insists on hiring a helper for the house because he's worried that there will be no one to keep his dad company. After many failed applicants, Rich finally comes across a young lad by the name of Tupe. Despite the age difference between them, the two realize that they are comfortable with each other's company and gradually find themselves going beyond the normal "employer-employee" relationship. But just as Richard and Tupe are enjoying their own sweet, little world, Greg abruptly returns home. Just what will happen of the three Will Greg be able to accept his father's unexpected love affair Tensions rise as we answer the ultimate question, Papa, what is love
Released: 2023
Genres: ["BL"]
Country: Other Asia
Status: Ongoing