Recap Chinese Drama "Thank You, Doctor" Episode 39

Nov 23, 2022

Xiao Yan did a comprehensive examination on Xiao Xu and found out that he was suffering from acute nephritis. He asked him to memorize the pathology of this disease. Air ticket, Xiao Yan ordered him to stay for medical treatment.

Sun Fangmin's condition worsened and she suddenly suffocated. Xiao Yan and Bai Zhu gave her emergency rescue and finally rescued her. Xiao Yan suggested that a lung transplant be performed as soon as possible, otherwise Sun Fangmin would stop breathing once she left the extracorporeal membrane oxygenation machine. Lu Ping'an felt that Sun Fangmin's The situation is very special, even if the transplant operation is done, and the survival rate is only 50% to 60%, but if you don't do the transplant, you can only wait for death, Bai Shu, Xu Yiran and Xiao Yan don't want to die, Lu Pingan dare not take the future of the hospital as a risk. Bet, he considered it again and again, and decided to seek Sun Fangmin's opinion first.

Xiao Yan explained the truth to Sun Fangmin, and Sun Fangmin agreed to do a lung transplant. Her condition deteriorated rapidly, and Xiao Yan and Xu Yiran were very anxious. Xinrui Hospital received Haohao, a young man who died in a car accident. He signed a trachea donation agreement before his death. His lungs were successfully matched with Sun Fangmin.

Haohao's grandpa and grandma disagreed with donating lungs, Sun Fangmin was dying, Lu Ping'an was in a hurry, Xiao Yan offered to persuade the family of the deceased, and Bai Shu went with her. Xiao Yan begged Haohao's grandpa and grandma bitterly, but they didn't let go, and picked up the crutches to beat Xiao Yan. Haohao's father knelt down and begged his parents to fulfill Haohao's last wish, and grandpa and grandma reluctantly agreed. Bai Shu and Xiao Yan quickly sent Haohao's lungs back. Xu Yiran and Lu Ping'an were waiting at the door. They picked up the box containing the lungs and ran to the operating room. The director of surgery performed Sun Fangmin's transplantation. Expressing gratitude, Xiao Yan and Bai Shu were also happy for Sun Fangmin. The two of them were deeply moved by Haohao's father's deep fatherly love. Xiao Yan asked Bai Shu to talk about his understanding of fatherly love, and promised to tell Bai Shu a secret. It was only later that Xiaoguang realized the responsibility of fatherly love, and Xiao Yan was also very emotional.

Bai Shu asked Xiao Yan to tell the secret, but Xiao Yan kept his mouth shut. Bai Shu asked her to owe it first. He drove Xiao Yan to Haohao's father and thanked him. Haohao's father learned that Sun Fangmin's transplant operation was successful. He shed tears of excitement. Bai Shu drove Xiao Yan home. He purposely laid the seat flat so that Xiao Yan could have a good rest.

Bai Shu sent Xiao Yan to the door, he felt uncomfortable in his ears, Xiao Yan massaged him to relieve him, Bai Shu couldn't help kissing Xiao Yan, Xiao Yan blushed with shame, jumped out of the car and ran away. Bai Shu sent a message to express his heart to Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan told him to be safe on the road. Bai Shu thought that Xiao Yan accepted him, so he was very happy.

Early the next morning, Bai Shu came to work happily. Xu Yiran realized that something was wrong with him today. Bai Shu admitted that he had confessed his love to Xiao Yan. Although Xiao Yan didn't answer directly, he told him to be careful. Bai Shu prepared breakfast for Xiao Yan, and Xiao Yan suddenly received a call from Catherine, and the hospital agreed to Xiao Yan's return to work. Sun Fangmin finally woke up, and Li Hongwei and his parents wept with joy.

The patient's family threw wine and beat Jiang Shan madly. After hearing the news, Lu Pingan came to rescue him. Lu Pingan brought ice cubes and asked Jiang Shan to apply cold on his cheeks, and greeted Jiang Shan coldly. Lu Pingan took the opportunity to confess his love to Jiang Shan. Xiao Xu recovered and was discharged from the hospital. Xiao Yan and Bai Shu sent him to the gate. Xiao Xu secretly called Bai Shu "brother-in-law" to cheer him on.

Sun Fangmin posted a video on the Internet, sharing her joy of successfully giving birth to a healthy baby, and encouraged pregnant women with pulmonary lymphatic fibroids to be brave enough to conceive and give birth. Xiao Yan reported the matter to Lu Pingan, and Lu Pingan came to Sun Fangmin immediately She repeatedly emphasized that pulmonary lymphangiomyoma cannot conceive and have children. She is very lucky. Xiao Yan asked her to delete the video, otherwise it will mislead those women who suffer from the same disease to risk pregnancy. This is a matter of life and death. Sun Fangmin realized that Realizing the seriousness of the problem, I promised to delete the video immediately.

The video released by Sun Fangmin caused great repercussions. The reporter heard the news and came to the hospital for an interview. Lu Pingan bit the bullet and came to see the reporter. He refused to accept the interview, clearly stating that Sun Fangmin’s practice is not worth advocating, and the reporter spoke in the name of maternal love. , Lu Pingan hoped that he would not mislead the masses in the name of love, and also cited diseases that were not suitable for pregnancy one by one. The reporter was deeply inspired and promised not to do such reports again.

Lu Ping'an's work was recognized by the hospital, and the hospital decided to promote him. Jiang Zhongjing asked Xiao Yan to take over as the director of the emergency department and focus on the work of the EICU. Xiao Yan wanted to return to Switzerland to complete the project and also wanted to be with his parents. Jiang Zhongjing wanted to transfer Bai Zhu back to the Department of Cardiac Surgery, and Bai Shu was deeply surprised. He offered to stay in the emergency department, and Jiang Zhongjing no longer insisted. When Bai Shu learned that Xiao Yan was going back to Switzerland, he tried hard to persuade him to stay, but Xiao Yan had made up his mind.