Lee Joon, Hwang Jung Eum, Yoon Jong Hoon, And More Join Uhm Ki Joon In New Suspense Drama By “The Penthouse” Creators

Sep 22, 2022

Lee Joon, Hwang Jung Eum, Yoon Jong Hoon, And More Join Uhm Ki Joon In New Suspense Drama By “The Penthouse” Creators

SBS’s upcoming drama “The Escape of the Seven” (literal title) announced its star-studded lineup!

On September 22, “The Escape of the Seven” confirmed Lee Joon, Hwang Jung Eum, Yoon Jong Hoon, Lee Yoo Bi, Shin Eun Kyung, Jo Yoon Hee, Jo Jae Yoon, and Lee Deok Hwa will be joining Uhm Ki Joon in the upcoming drama.

“The Escape of the Seven” tells the story of seven people, who are involved in the case of a missing girl, facing a huge incident entangled with many lies and desires. The drama will dynamically portray the truth-seeking journey as well as the bloody retribution that is like divine punishment. Scriptwriter Kim Soon Ok will introduce another legendary drama with a more intense and unconventional story this time. Above all, expectations are high for what kind of sensation writer Kim Soon Ok and director Joo Dong Min will create after they previously worked together on “The Last Empress” and the hit “The Penthouse” series.

The star-studded cast further raises anticipation. Uhm Ki Joon will take on the role of Matthew Lee, the representative of Korea’s largest mobile platform company. Matthew Lee is a mysterious figure shrouded by a veil to the extent that only a few people know who he is. Viewers are curious to find out what secrets he holds since he will reveal himself to the world after being embroiled in a bizarre incident. Following “The Penthouse” series, Uhm Ki Joon has reunited once again with scriptwriter Kim Soon Ok and director Joo Dong Min, raising expectations for his acting transformation.

Hwang Jung Eum will make another acting transformation through “The Escape of the Seven.” She will play Geum Ra Hee, the talented and daring representative of a drama production company. Geum Ra Hee is a self-righteous woman who will do whatever it takes to earn wealth and success. She tries to find her daughter, whom she abandoned 15 years ago, with the objective of inheriting a large inheritance. However, the choice she made comes back to bite her and shakes her life entirely.

Lee Joon will play Min Do Hyuk, a precarious man who was once a gangster. Min Do Hyuk is only living life because he was born, and he has no dreams or hopes. He is a person who lives and dies by loyalty, but unfortunately his life is full of unexpected series of betrayals. Anticipation is high for Lee Joon’s portrayal of Min Do Hyuk who appears to be tough and cold on the outside but whose heart is as hot as fire.

Yoon Jong Hoon will play Yang Jin Mo, the CEO of an agency named Cherry Entertainment. Yang Jin Mo is usually gentle, but he has endless greed, and when he explodes in anger, no one can stop him. To Yang Jin Mo who is adept at slandering others, yesterday’s enemy can be today’s comrade if it benefits him.

Lee Yoo Bi will play Han Mo Ne, a campus star and idol trainee. With her dazzling beauty, wealthy family, and outstanding talent, Han Mo Ne is a wannabe star among her friends. However, her fatal weakness is her lies. At some point, her life which is full of lies starts to get twisted out of control. Lee Yoo Bi will unravel the story of the complicated character Han Mo Ne who hides her deep dark side and desire behind her lovable smile.

Shin Eun Kyung will take on the role of Cha Joo Ran, an obstetrician-gynecologist. Cha Joo Ran lives with Chairman Bang (Lee Deok Hwa), a wealthy man who is as old as her own father. Cha Joo Ran, who truly loves the money that Chairman Bang has, does her best at every moment. However, the moment something goes wrong in her relationship, it will be difficult to predict what she will do. A large fissure starts to occur when Geum Ra Hee, who Cha Joo Ran has been fighting with over Chairman Bang’s property, appears with the man’s only granddaughter.

Jo Yoon Hee, who will return to the small screen after about three years, will take on the role of Go Myung Ji, an art teacher. Go Myung Ji lies in order to protect what she treasures, and the more things she has to protect, the more she acts without hesitation. She is a character who turns the tide of the situation by spreading strange rumors in her school to keep her secrets from being discovered.

Jo Jae Yoon will play Nam Chul Woo, a detective at Deokseon Police Station. The washed-out detective in the outskirts of the city who has no luck with his cases gets a speedy promotion for the first time in five years.

Lee Deok Hwa will add force to the drama by playing Bang Chil Sung. Also known as Chairman Bang, he is a reputed building owner and rich in cash. He lives with and opens up to his tenant Cha Joo Ran instead of his own family. One day, his granddaughter suddenly appears in front of him, giving him mixed feelings.

The production team remarked, “The desperate escape story of the seven who are intertwined with desires and secrets will unfold dynamically. The synergy between scriptwriter Kim Soon Ok, who returned with an even more shocking and intense story, director Joo Dong Min, and the actors will bring about another sensation.”

The drama is scheduled to air in 2023. Stay tuned for more updates!


Source: Soompi